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DGFA Refund Policy

At Da Goat Factory Academy, we continue to develop new ways to expand and improve student satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied or can no longer continue your studies, we offer a generous refund policy. If you cancel within the first 3 days of enrollment you will receive a full refund. After the first 3 days your refund amount will be based on:

  • Lessons completed

  • Tuition collected

  • Enrollment date

If you elect to cancel you must send your notice of cancellation either via email or mail. A detailed refund policy is outlined below. Sample materials shown below cannot be used to enroll in a program. To enroll call 1+706-708-4188 or enroll online today!


                                 If you cancel                                                                        Amount you will owe

Within 3 Calendar days of signing of the Enrollment Agreement                  $0.00 (100% Refund)

After 3 days:

Before submitting a completed program assignment                  Registration fee + administrative fee + shipping &                                                                                                                                          handling fees (if applicable)

Up to and including 10% of the program assignments                 Registration fee + Administrative fee + shipping                    completed                                                                                 &handling fee (if applicable) + 10% of refundable tuition

After 10% and up to and including 25% of the program                Registration fee +Administrative fee +                                    assignment completed                                                          shipping & handling fee (if applicable)+25% of refundable tuition


After 25% and up to and including 50% of the program

assignments completed                                                                 Registration fee +Administrative fee + shipping & handling

                                                                                                                      fee (if applicable) + 50% of refundable tuition

After 50% of the program assignments

completed or more than 1 months after your enrollment                        Full program tuition and any applicable fees

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