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DGFA Instructor and Board Treasurer


Meet Jennifer Williams, a dynamic force in the world of business consulting and Lean Six Sigma. With over 20 years of experience spanning banking, auto finance, fintech, e-commerce, and logistics, Jennifer has established herself as a powerhouse in Program and Project Management, Risk and Compliance, and Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

A proud Detroit native from the eastside and a product of the Detroit school system, Jennifer's roots are as deep as her expertise. She holds a Master's in Business Administration, is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Jennifer has not only mastered these disciplines herself but has also imparted her knowledge to others, teaching at the collegiate level and training over 500 Lean Six Sigma belts.

Jennifer's career is a testament to her skill and dedication. She has led hundreds of Lean Six Sigma process improvement events and projects, driving savings of upwards of $50 million for organizations. Her strategic insights and hands-on approach have transformed countless businesses, making her a sought-after consultant and serial entrepreneur.

Beyond her professional accolades, Jennifer is also a devoted mother of three, a bonus mom to five, and a loving wife residing in Georgia. Balancing a bustling family life with a thriving career, she has harnessed her experiences to create the innovative program "Six Sigma Supermoms." This initiative is designed to help working mothers get organized, eliminate waste in their daily activities, and ultimately crush their goals.

Jennifer's passion for empowering women, especially those venturing into new businesses or looking to optimize existing ones, is unparalleled. She thrives on guiding women entrepreneurs towards success, combining her extensive knowledge and practical insights to create actionable strategies.

As a business coach and Lean Six Sigma trainer, Jennifer has managed multi-million dollar businesses and has a genuine passion for helping people succeed. Her infectious enthusiasm, coupled with her vast expertise, makes her a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for change. Jennifer Williams is not just a consultant; she's a transformative leader dedicated to driving excellence and fostering growth in both business and life.


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